SHIPFAN - ロサンゼルス、ロングビーチの海運、港湾、物流コンサルティング企業

Corporate Profile

Los Angeles, Long Beach is the center hub of logistics in North America, it is a port of a cornerstone of the Pacific Rim.

The Company is the only company to offer information in Japanese logistics in general, such as shipping, ports, waterfront, air cargo of North America.

We will continue to provide useful information to society and analyzes to explore the needs of the market at the bottom of the economy based on the results of air cargo and statistics of import and export of container.

Propulsive efficiency of trade, import and export business, the visualization and in partnership with affiliates around the sea transport, air cargo collection agency, will continue to perform the proposal at the same time.

We will continue to support from the side of the logistics internet business further.

The main business

  •  Dissemination of logistics information
  •  Consulting business of logistics
  •  Marine transport, collection agency
  •  Air cargo transport, collection agency
  •  Law and legal consultation about logistics
  •  Organization of logistics seminar
  •  Export and import document system work agency
  •  American domestic transportation quote, arrange
  •  Ocean freight quote, shipping arrangements
  •  Air cargo quote, air service arrangements
  •  Warehouse estimate, management arrangements
  •  United States sales channels build support
  •  Sales channels build support in Japan

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